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You are a

German Individual Person / Private Client

You want to

work self-employed or employed abroad

Consulting for Self-Employed and Employed Individuals

iSP Global Tax offers you advice with regard to tax planning questions and the fulfilment of tax obligations abroad.

For self-employed individuals, we can offer you support in:

  • planning and tax optimizing services referring to your foreign business, for example as an artist or sportsperson. For a tax optimal contract design, we will work together with a separately appointed legal counsel
  • fulfilment of foreign tax declaration obligations with the cooperation of foreign tax consultants
  • questions referring to the setting up of a potential Service Permanent Establishment

For employed individuals

iSP Global Tax will assist you and your employer in the following tax matters:                                                    

  • coordination of the following services which are provided in cooperation with a separately appointed lawyer:
    • arrangement of employment contracts and deployment agreements according to Labour Law
    • legal questions with regard to temporary workers
    • advice with regard to labour management regulations and collective
    • labour agreements in an international context
  • counselling and support with regard to the design of employee assignments in line with Social Insurance Regulations
  • application of Social Security Certificates in Germany and abroad
  • in relation to intercompany deployments and in cooperation with foreign legal and tax consultants:
    • planning and execution services
    • documentation
    • evaluation of Transfer Pricing risks with regard to cost allocations, transfer of intangible assets (e.g. know-how) and Permanent Establishment questions
    • coordination of Advanced Pricing Agreements, Mutual Agreements Proceedings or (European) Arbitration Proceedings
    • tax optimised management assignments
move your residence from Germany to a foreign country

Advice relating to your Moving Out:

iSP Global Tax can assist you with regard to your creation of an permanent residence abroad in  relation to the following questions:

  • tax planning and optimisation in Income Tax, Inheritance and other capital-based tax matters. For example, the creation of business assets and use of foreign holding companies
  • determination of the location for your prospective permanent residence, taking tax advantages into account
  • checking requirements for a change in residence process
  • evaluation of all national and foreign tax risks
  • planning your stay abroad
  • checking your tax options for a return to Germany
  • succession planning and coordination and close cooperation with a separately appointed lawyer for inheritance tax legislation
  • creation of dual residences with regard to possible income double taxation and the use of Inheritance Tax Double Tax Treaties
invest in property abroad

Property Investment Advice:

  • tax planning and optimisation of Income Tax, Inheritance and other capital-based tax matters, especially with regard to the release of hidden reserves of
    • shares in national capital companies and business partnerships
    • German real estate

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