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You are a

German Investor (Entrepreneur, CEO/CFO, Head of Tax)

Abroad you want to

invest / expand

Investment Consulting:

iSP Global Tax offers you broad tax consulting services with regard to your investment activities abroad. We support you together with our network of experienced colleagues from the specific foreign country. We initiate the contact, coordinate the project and check in close alignment with our colleagues abroad the tax consequences in Germany. Based on your market entry strategy, we provide advice on the following matters:

  • choice of location
  • choice of a suitable corporate organisation, including entrepreneurial cooperation such as Joint Ventures and the setting up of Permanent Establishments abroad and the cross border income allocation
  • safeguarding of public subsidies
  • tax optimised finance structure
  • tax registrations
  • opening of bank accounts
  • drafting and conclusion of necessary contracts
  • tax planning expatriates assigned/posted abroad
  • tax planning for owners /CEOs who are resident in Germany
  • monitoring the implementation of an internal and external accounting system

iSP Global Tax also offers tax consulting services referring to your expansion plans abroad. Based on your expansion strategy, we can support you as follows:

  • in the case of a company acquisition, we execute the necessary tax Due Diligence to evaluate tax and tax related legal risks
  • implementation of tax optimised holding structures
  • in the case of Joint Ventures or other forms of cooperation, we can advise you how to arrange a tax optimised organisation
  • guidance on tax optimal funding

Restructuring Consulting:

Increasing market globalisation permanently challenges internationally operating companies to adapt their legal group structure to the company's performance and to execute restructuring projects affecting their presence in foreign countries as well. Additionally, mergers, the acquisition of companies or focussing on their own core competence, all require the investment or disinvestment of company assets. These projects help you to achieve strategic aims such as growth or the increase of profitability or the company value.

iSP Global Tax is there to assist you to organise such transaction processes. In close cooperation with our foreign network partners we can offer you support in the following areas:

  • tax optimised change of corporate forms of foreign companies. For example, demergers or cross-border mergers.
  • asset transfers
  • tax optimised structure for company sales and their valuation
  • advice on cross-border relocation of functions or moving in taxation

iSP Global Tax offers an indicative first assessment of the tax circumstances abroad, coordinates the project and arranges collaboration with foreign professional services providers. In parallel, we check the tax consequences of the foreign transaction steps in relation to German taxation.

optimise your tax situation

Tax Optimisation:

After a successful set-up or expansion we can accompany you on your way to optimise your chosen legal structure. Notably, the reduction of tax quotas, the allocation and assignment of group-internal services or deliveries and the fulfilment of tax compliance guidelines require more and more attention. In close collaboration with our foreign network partners, we can offer you the following services in this context:

  • with regard to group-internal cross-border transactions we can support you in determining group internal transfer prices from a tax perspective, including Value Added Taxes (VAT) and Accounting
  • adaptation, testing and optimising the implemented Transfer Pricing System, including Transfer Pricing Documentation (Master and Local file)
  • design of internationally aligned Transfer Pricing Models tailored to your company
  • identification of adequate spreads for licences and interest rates
  • initiation of Mutual Agreement Proceedings, (European) Arbitration Proceedings and Advanced Pricing Agreements
  • expert's and second opinions
  • VAT check with regard to group internal and group external cross-border business transactions
  • check of proper invoicing and declaration, especially with regard to (retroactive) Transfer Price Adjustments

After a successful set-up/expansion/restructuring/tax optimisation of your business activity we can additionally advise you on the following matters:

  • analysis, planning and documentation of group-internal transactions
  • fulfilment of ongoing tax obligations (accounting, balancing, tax declaration)
  • ongoing tax planning

If there are any claims during tax audits we can offer you the following services:

  • tax audits defence
  • execution of appeals against Tax Office or Fiscal Court decisions

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