About iSP Global Tax

Do you attach importance to practical experiences gained at company level? Do you like to work with consultants who enjoy their work, who are familiar with multi disciplinary team work and who do not practise tax law only from an external consultant's point of view?

We see ourselves as a partnership that acts nationally and internationally, providing advice on international tax law, and related legal matters.

We offer you profound expert knowledge in international and national tax law gained in industry and consultancy. We are familiar with planning, coordinating and realising cross-border tax strategies and structures for companies in a variety of business sectors and sizes, and for individuals. We know how to organise tax projects and how to communicate them to the top management.

If you are looking for a creative external source of ideas, a problem solver, a results-oriented thinker and a good listener, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Medium sized companies with one or a few shareholders possess of a very high focused business model while being global orientated. Often the stockholder structure is international. For tax advisors, this leads to difficult and expansive tax issues on company and shareholder level. These issues must be considered with due care in order to achieve a tax optimal solution. In Income and Corporate Tax Law matrimonial property regime, legal succession and inheritance regulations must be considered.

In the course of globalisation and digitalization cross-border issues gain more and more importance. The tax-political discussion about Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) of G20- summit also has influence on the medium-sized businesses although initially only the big global players and their tax evasion and tax avoidance methods were in political focus.

All in 2015 adopted measures follow in principle the aim to correlate the right of taxation on the place of real value creation. Therewith a paradigm change has reached the international tax law which should not be underrated because it can lead to severe compliance-, liability and reputation traps for international acting companies.

In the future German Tax Auditors will also focus on real substance. Therefore, the auditors will more and more scrutinise or negate contractual agreements. (Economic) Substance will not only be demanded with regard to the business model, but also with regard to the company-law structures.

This might end-up in significant additional tax payments and tax-interest effects and not at least criminal liability risks.

In the meanwhile 104 States have joined the BEPS-initiative. The German Tax Authority will additionally hire more than 500 employees during the next years that will exclusively focus on verifying and evaluating international tax issues.

With regard to this background a long experience and expertise in international tax law is needed to face these developments with vision and efficiency.

Consulting Approach

We have an extensive experience in these business models and their specific challenges, chances and risks of nearly all branches.

You as a small or medium-sized company can profit from this knowledge as well as from our wide experience in managing national and international professional teams. Based on your individual convenience you receive one-stop services in tax-, legal- and economic advice and can rely on a network of tested specialists of tax-, legal- and corporate consultants domestic and abroad.

We stand by and support our colleagues in partnership who do not possess of equivalent experience in International Tax Law or who want to offer their clients a wider portfolio of services by avoiding liability risks without building up own capacities.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We evaluate together which consultancy your client really needs, if our services are a real benefit for him and how we can work together in a team. Of course we guarantee a preserve your client relationship.

Our long-time practical experience as in-house- consultant has sharpened our view on feasibility and enforceability. Due to this background we also take over responsibility for the practical implementation of our theoretical results and consider always the economical client's interests.

Our aim is to offer our clients sound legal protection. It is our strong conviction that this aim can only be reached in cooperation and not in confrontation with Tax Authorities worldwide. As far as possible and necessary our consultancy approaches are aligned with the responsible Tax Authorities. In this context you benefit from our former activities as employed tax inspector or fiscal court employee. Integrity determines our self- image.

On request, we absorb the continuous tax advice and -declaration and convey the continuous book-keeping services and the preparation and certification of annual accounts.

This consultancy approach provides you additional clearance in your operative day-to-day business.

International Relationships

In case of international tax questions the German Tax Law and at least the tax law of one further state and maybe European Community Legislation are affected.

We dispose of well grounded experiences and considerably sources to foreign tax legal systems. This is why we can offer a first assessment based on facts. If necessary, we will recommend the assistance of foreign colleagues.

Therefore it is self-evident for us to go back to a large international network of experienced colleagues, e.g. certified public accountants, tax consultants, lawyers, patent attorneys, Corporate Finance boutiques and management consultants. We are completely free in the choice of our co-operation partner for each project. Of course, we can also work with consultants from abroad who relish your trust and are your preferred partner.


iSP Global Tax works on the field of transfer pricing internationally with Quantera Global.
Quantera Global is one of the world's leading independent transfer pricing consultancies providing specialized and integrated transfer pricing services to multinational companies of all sizes worldwide. iSP Global Tax defines itself as the trusted consultant for transfer pricing. We work closely with our clients and build a long-term relationship that is valuable to their business. We provide best practice transfer pricing consulting services in Europe, America and Asia to help multinational companies to meet all aspects of their pricing, compliance and risk management needs. The Quantera Global team consists of reliable transfer pricing specialists and an extensive network of alliance partners operating in the most important countries in the world. Through its global network, Quantera Global is able to provide comprehensive support to its customers, both centrally and locally.

iSP Global Tax is member of TaxPlanet. TaxPlanet is a worldwide organization of independent legal and accounting professionals primarily specializing in tax, both at national and international levels. TaxPlanet is able to assemble international teams of independent tax professionals, the pool of experts currently consists of tax advisors from more than 35 countries. The combined knowledge allows to deal with and to advise on domestic and international tax issues around the world.

We are a member of DStJG (Deutschen Steuerjuristischen Gesellschaft / German Tax Lawyers Society), the University of Münster Tax Group, Westphalia, the Federation of German Tax Advisors and Tax Forum Nordkirchen.

We are also active members of LINKEDIn and XING.