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Tax Project Management

International Tax Project Manager - an Ideal Mixture of Lawyer / Tax Advisor and Project Manager

We can assist you as a representative of a big or small tax advisory or law firm.
We can also work in large companies, ensuring compliance with legal standards and regulations relating to international tax law. Additionally, we can set up and manage projects for avoiding financial or timing overflow.

While working on any one of these issues we always have our eyes focussed on efficiency and quality management.

As a result of our wide and varied experience in industry, in the consulting field and as representatives of the German Tax Authorities and Fiscal Courts, we can offer you a wider range of services than you may expect.

Tax Interim Management

If your tax department temporarily needs a new Head of International Tax or if your tax advisory firm is looking for a specialist with the same high level of expertise that your organisation demands, our Interim Management could be a good solution for you.

Your Benefit

iSP Global Tax offers you reliability, flexibility, cost efficiency and availability at your convenience. We can support you or your tax department without a long familiarization period by ensuring client protection. This preserves your workforce.

Advantages for Larger and Smaller Tax Advisory and Law Firms

Big tax advisory and law firms are nowadays finding themselves confronted more and more with client demands for new compensation models. With our support, you can manage an extraordinary workload and organise your team effectively by optimising your cost structure.

Our services can also be interesting for smaller tax offices because you can call on our expertise for a specific International Tax Law-related matter, using our skills as much or as little as you choose. We assist you as long as you need us.

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